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Can I Get a Witness?

by Paul Alan Levy, Free Speech Hitman You can only dream about it, but I possess it.  The secret of invisibility. I can simultaneously be someplace, doing terrible things to vulnerable victims, and be elsewhere, covered by an invulnerable alibi. I do not need an alibi.  My alibi is my identity.  I am a Citizen […]

Fun Fact: I hate Ralph Nader

January 7, 2014 You might think that working at Public Citizen Litigation Group, I have some respect for Ralph Nader, some gratitude to the man who built the house that I inhabit, who gave me the tools that I use to make my daily bread. But no, that is not the case. As I have […]

The Courage Not To Fight

January 4, 2014 Like many of the Levys who have worked in government since the early days of our nation, I take satisfaction in my work and achievements.  I also enjoy reading the history of other famous Levys.  Recently I had the pleasure of reading a short biographical description of Uriah Levy, the first Jewish […]

Breaking Free

December 9, 2013 It’s been at least a week since I’ve been able to get to the computer. It’s hell being the submissive half of a shizophrenic personality. Paul, or Saul, as I like to call him, finally went off his meds so he could get a little sex drive back, and so I’ve been […]